Get your wire faster with the Velocity℠ Program.

We know that sometimes, there's just no substitute for speed. That's why we have established the Velocity℠ Program. Allow us to get straight to the point.

Velocity℠ custom: Satisfy your need for speed.



Velocity℠ HHS®: The fastest way to get HHS® tube.

HHS® tube manufactured in single, double and triple layers to provide varying flexibility and control for a variety of applications.

These programs ensure your order will be shipped in 3 business days:


Velocity℠ kit: Innovate faster.



Velocity℠ braid: Braid faster.

Fort Wayne Metalsの標準パーツ番号でSteeger®ブレーダー用にスプールされた編み込み用フラット又はラウンドワイヤーをCert 付きでお求めいただけます。


Velocity℠ turn: Get your wire faster.

Fort Wayne Metalsの標準パーツ番号でニチノール、35N LT®、または304VワイヤーをCert付きで、お求めいただけます。